Empowering Fans & Disrupting
the World of Sports & Entertainment

Jetcoin enables ANYONE to launch the careers of
tomorrow’s super stars – the Jetcoin Champions.

Challenge the Status Quo

ACTIVELY contribute to transform a promising talent into
a global star and benefit from the windfall in the process.

Jetcoin Institute manages the distribution process of the
digital fuel, jetcoins (JET), via Jetcoin Contracts (JCs) and
proof of social engagement (P.O.S.E.). Its specific tasks include:

  • Securing and digitizing the IP rights of the Jetcoin Champions
  • Development of the Jetcoin Platform
  • Raising and overseeing funds allocation
  • Recruitment of young up-and-coming talents
  • Development and management of strategic partnerships
  • Global promotion of the Jetcoin brand
  • Development of the Jetcoin community



  • Partners3


    Jetcoin is the Top sponsor of Hellas Verona,a professional Italian
    football club playing in Serie A and broadcast worldwide.

    Follow original stories of the jetcoin champions on the dedicated
    jetcoin channel available on smart TVs, tablets and mobile phones.

  • Partners2


    Stadia is a free mobile app powered by jetcoin,
    aimed at increasing fan engagement during live football.

    Pogoseat is a solution for sport teams and concert venues to enable fans
    to upgrade seats and purchase unique VIP upgrades during events.

  • Partners1



    Athena Superlook is a reality TV show that promotes future supermodels.
    The best models are signed to Jetcoin and launched on the platform.

    DXMarkets is a cutting-edge trading platform for digital currencies.
    Jetcoin will be fully tradeable across three continents on DXMarkets.


Be Part of the Success

Get Jetcoins (JET) to purchase IP rights of Jetcoin champions

Earn Revenues with your Champion

Jetcoin Champions pay you dividends on their earnings.

Safe and Secure

10% of the proceeds of JCs sale are converted to gold backed tokens
Upon expiration of IP rights, you receive an amount of gold tokens


Searching for the next Jetcoin Champions
If you have the potential we can support you

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Jetcoin Institute Board


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